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Sermon Series

A collection of DVDs from Bent Tree’s Sunday morning sermon series on various topics, including marriage, indwelling Christ, and grace lived out.

Bent Tree Produced Hard Copy Content

Print books and devotionals by former Senior Pastor Pete Briscoe, as well as DVDs and CDs of Bent Tree productions (such as "The Bema" and "The Longing").

Old vs New Covenant Perspectives

As you read any book for spiritual enrichment, we encourage you to begin by noting whether the author is writing from an Old Covenant or New Covenant perspective. Doing so will enable you to better understand what’s being communicated and how it may apply to your life.

For example, an author writing from an Old Covenant perspective can give us a better understanding of our history and the perspective of readers in the first centuries. However, believers in Christ are no longer under the Old Covenant, so authors that write from a New Covenant perspective will provide more of a direct application for our lives.

We encourage you, no matter what book you’re reading, to ask the Spirit to reveal his truth as you read, and to be sensitive to what he shows you.


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